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Welcome at Shantineer
From  the very beginning of  the modern human society  men have  three basic  needs food,  cloth and  home. The  scenario is almost same from the ancient age to this supersonic age. But the way of gathering those is changed today by revolution. Hard workers of ancient age can easily enjoy those three basic needs but today we have to hunt those rather to gather. Our motto is to help Human get the third basic need i.e. a sweet home at a comfortable way. We have started the work which is most difficult one i.e. hunting a dream home.

       "Neer", a Bengali word which means small home. Our program is named "Shantineer" i.e. where one can enjoy his/her relaxed or retired  time with a  pleasant environment. Due to increase of population and land diversification, today we can not built our home at our choice-able location. Most of the cases, we failed to find the place of choice due to shortage of time at our daily life. Our program will search for different locations, status, accommodation and most important one, environment. We will display the views of the objects, with all surrounding and associated features and creditability. We will present those within our capability through modern communication of Television and Web. Artificial Satellite revolution gives us enough but we want many more. We have added our way to make it more viewers friendly. We will not barricade our programme on hunting home only; we are arranging expert's opinion to decorate home and the legal advice from renowned professionals.

          The concept of this program is extremely different from the related programs by our honored colleagues. We must maintain our objective from our sole. We want to fast forward our beloved programme with association of all related concerned and houses.

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